Many people struggle with fractions–including adults! Steve uses this video workshop to help you see fractions, which is a critical step in understanding them. He reveals unique teaching approaches that you can apply to your own homeschool program, even if you don’t consider math your favorite–or best–school subject. When you teach using Steve’s tips and methods, math will become not only understandable, but also fun for your child.

What holds children back when it comes to fractions? The answer is true understanding and mastery. They are often encouraged to memorize just enough to complete a chapter. Then, when confronted with even simple word problems or real-life problem solving, they have to ask, “What do we do?” Not anymore. Observe Steve’s teaching methods to learn how to help your child understand fractions and other important math concepts, building knowledge he or she can use throughout home education and in the real world. Steve prioritizes thorough mastery of the subject at hand before students move on to the next topic, a technique that creates truly confident problem solvers.