Place Value

This video workshop focuses on place value and the decimal system. Watch as Steve teaches math concepts and provides tips for making math understandable, not only for homeschool work, but also for practical application in real life. Steve’s methods make it easy for you to teach your child, even if you’ve struggled with math your entire life. Best of all, his tips help to make learning math fun!

Place value isn’t just a concept to memorize and move past. It’s an important building block for math, from the basics through advanced school concepts. Steve teaches the language of math, concentrating on mastery versus mere memorization of facts and formulas. His methods ensure that children fully understand the topic at hand before moving to the next subject. If you want to teach your child how to think through math and solve problems rather than just remember rules, don’t miss this video. Steve will show you how to make your homeschool student a confident problem solver.