What is your relationship with money? Do you have trouble managing it or making sure it’s in line with what God wants for you? There’s good news: your money doesn’t have to put you at odds with your Christian life. In this video, Steve discusses how to be a faithful steward, caring for the gifts God has given you. He shares insight into God’s view of your possessions and discusses being not only grateful for the gifts God gives us, but also responsible in using them. Best of all, he explains each topic in easy-to-grasp terms, with a little humor added in for good measure. Incorporate his approach into your at-home school program.

If you’ve ever had difficulties with money, you’re far from alone. Let Steve teach you how to take a Christian approach to money and material possessions. Steve shares personal experience and scriptures, putting money in a biblical perspective. He covers such topics as riches, temptation, bills, taxes, marriage, and work for the glory of God, providing practical examples you can consider in your homeschool program and apply to your life.